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If we obtain new information on any images or collections published within the III Reich Family Photo Albums magazine, we will announce the fact here.

Details of upcoming new releases and other free interactive digital editions will also be found here.

Promotional launch begins for III Reich Family Photo Albums.

Soldiers reading the Nachrichten-Blatt for 3rd September 1939.
The headline reads "England forces us to War."
The Scottish Highlander Photo Archive goes online. One of the photographs in its database is of a young Scottish boy from the 1930s dressed in a cowboy costume. There is a photograph of a young German boy from the 1930s in the Herveus Archive, also dressed up as a cowboy. One can but wonder if a decade later they ever faced each other across the battlefield.
Scottish and German boys dressed as cowboys c.1930.

The first ever photograph from the Herveus Archive to be published appears in the autumn issue of The North Magazine, in an article about Jane Haining, the only Scot to die in Auschwitz.
The North Magazine, Autumn 2005.

The original concept launch for III Reich Family Photo Albums on the Internet. The proposal for a bi-monthly title was later put on hold in favour of other projects, including the building up of a photographic archive database.

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