The collecting of photographs, particularly photographs from the Third Reich period of Germany (1933-1945), is a growing hobby. Whether the collections comprise single snapshots or complete contemporary photo albums compiled by the individuals who originally


took and appear in them, more and more are becoming available through the Internet and online auction houses.

People collect Third Reich photo albums and snapshots for varying reasons. Paper and film ephemera are an off-shoot to the collector of militaria, alongside medals, helmets and uniforms. Others are collectors of all photography, whether the material derives from Nazi Germany or not.

For collectors of photography, the "mechanically retrieved image is the record


of a split second of the world's history," writes Robert Flynn Johnson in anonymous, his book about unknown photographers and their work. "A photograph is a stop-time device and this is what makes every photograph, however sophisticated, however humdrum, unique."

In the future, as the number of e-book PDFs grow, this website will complement the publication with online articles on the different aspects of collecting Third Reich photographs. 

The three links below give a preview of upcoming features.

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