Articles in this section will deal with the various styles of military service album covers, and the similarity of contents progressing from the Hitler Youth through the Reichsarbeitsdienst year, military training and then war service.

When handling some photo albums, it is hard not to be aware you are holding a contemporary piece of history, particularly if the album itself features within its own pages, as in the example below.

The album at right is the same one sitting on the table in the Christmas 1940 photo above.

Other galleries will collect the various frontispiece images that are printed within official service albums.


Every once in a while you come across photographs of scenes which have also appeared in published works. We're not talking about the same photo, but the same scene taken by a different camera or person, at a different time. The three examples here show scenes that have also featured in various other publications.

Above left: Ju52 transport wreckage on the east-west axis in Berlin. Berlin Then and Now, p.203
Top right: French Renault tank in the centre of Beaumont. Blitzkrieg in the West Then and Now, p.255
Bottom right: Wreckage of the French destroyer Bourvasque at Dunkirk. Swastika at War, p.19
Two soldiers return from a successful wolf hunt.

But even identical images from your collection can also appear in published works. This is due to the German soldiers' practice of trading or sharing photos, or prints being made by the developing service of the division for distribution to the troops.

The hunting image above also appears in Album of the Damned, p.156 

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